Former Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Joins Adknowledge Board of Directors

KANSAS CITY, Mo –January 28, 2016– Dan Hesse, former Sprint CEO, has joined the Adknowledge board of directors, where he arrives with more than three decades of industry experience. Each of the products in the Adknowledge portfolio—including digital video, social media advertising, apps and mobile email—leverages the unique abilities to connect with consumers through mobile.

Dan Hesse

Dan Hesse

Hesse was the CEO of Sprint from December 2007 until August 2014. The 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index recognized Sprint as the most improved U.S. company in overall customer satisfaction over the previous six years across all 43 industries studied. During his last two full calendar years as CEO, Sprint’s total shareholder return (assuming reinvested dividends) ranked #1 among all S&P 500 companies.

As an Adknowledge board member, Hesse will help guide the company’s mobile-first strategy, which includes data monetization and the capability to connect consumers and advertisers, at scale, around the world. In fact, Adknowledge is giving Asia-Pacific companies new ways to engage in relevant, individualized advertising through a joint venture with Axiata, the Asian telecommunications giant.

“I’m impressed with the approach Adknowledge takes to digital marketing, especially via mobile,” Hesse said. “I look forward to contributing to a company that can mean so much to the advertising and mobile industries, as well as to the Kansas City entrepreneurial and technology communities.”

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have someone with Dan’s level of experience on our board,” Adknowledge CEO Ben Legg said. “He’s been a leader in the wireless field for decades, and he’ll provide an incredible level of insight to help us deliver the best possible service to the ad agencies and brands working with us around the world.”

Adknowledge CEO Appears Live on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Morning Show

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Andrew Ross Sorkin started the segment by asking Legg about eMarketer’s recent revenue projections for Instagram, estimated to be more than $2.8 billion by 2017. “The big drivers of revenue on a social network are audience…it’s the ad units, it’s the ability to target, and it’s probably the enthusiasm of advertisers. I think Instagram is going to have all of those,” Legg said.

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