Adknowledge’s Law Department Wins Major Accolade

Magazine names the company’s in-house legal team one of its top 10.

Adknowledge, a global leader in digital marketing, is proud to announce that its legal department was named one of InsideCounsel magazine’s “10 Most Innovative” in 2013.

Adknowledge joins an impressive group of global giants winning this award in recent years; they include Procter & Gamble, eBay, DuPont, Cisco, Kraft Foods, 3M and Caterpillar. You can learn more about Adknowledge and its innovative strategies in the September edition of InsideCounsel, or online here.

Chief Legal Officer John Herbst started streamlining processes once he arrived at Adknowledge in August of 2012; his goal was to better match the legal department to the company’s data-driven culture. “In a cutting edge business where growth and change are constant, it’s critical that the in-house lawyers remain aligned with business priorities and help lead with their unique view point, skills and expertise,” John said.

Among other improvements, InsideCounsel reports on the steps the department took to make sales procedures easier for both the company and its advertisers:

Adknowledge also overhauled its contracting process …standardizing contract language to encourage cross-selling. If a customer purchasing email marketing services suddenly wants help with Facebook as well, all they have to do is add a small addendum to the contract, rather than negotiating a whole new one.

Such a seemingly small tweak makes a big difference for Adknowledge clients, whether they’re using only email and social media marketing platforms, or working with apps, mobile, video and content recommendation.

Adknowledge CEO Ben Legg says this recognition illustrates the company’s “never be satisfied” attitude. “We challenge everyone here—from our data scientists to the legal department—to think differently and be revolutionary. We thank InsideCounsel for this honor and have every intention of further improving on what we’ve achieved this year.”