SUMO Wrestling (Or, “How to Make Sense of Your Data”)

Ever hear of Chad Rowan? He’s an American-born sumo wrestler who went by the name “Akebono” as he rose to the rank of yokozuna, or “grand champion,” the highest level of his sport. His massive size gave him an automatic advantage in the ring, but his continuous technique refinement and determination really set him apart.

The same holds true in marketing, where iteration is critical in delivering the appropriate message to your digital audience. A continuous loop of data and audience feedback will help determine what part of your marketing message works and what part needs to be cast out of the ring.

It all starts with data


An exchange of ideas

Hello world!

As a trained civil engineer, I like to build things. (After a decade in the British Army, I’m pretty good at blowing-up stuff, too, but I’ll leave those details for another post.)

Today, I’m laying the foundation for something entirely new on our blog. It will be a forum for industry insight, technological breakthroughs, Big Data analysis, exposing dodgy practices, a periodic splash of British humour, and much more.

Mayor of Kansas City, Mo. Visits Adknowledge Headquarters

Sly James highlights the importance of innovative, tech-driven businesses

During a visit to Adknowledge corporate headquarters, Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, Mo. said the company has created a blueprint for tech success in his city. “I think (Adknowledge is) not only a case study, but an example of what success looks like,” Mayor James said. “It shows that you can grow a company of this quality in the petri dish that’s Kansas City.”

Mayor Sly James of Kansas City, MO: Q and !Mayor James spent an hour with company executives discussing the best ways to distinguish Kansas City as it defines itself as a hub of technology leadership in the so-called Silicon Prairie. “This is exactly the type of cutting edge, innovative, growing technological entity that we are looking to foster, develop and replicate as often as possible,” Mayor James said. “(Adknowledge is) bringing people from outside of the area into Kansas City when ordinarily, they would not be. That adds to the brainpower to the city as a whole.”

The mayor wrapped up his visit with a half hour Q&A session with more than a hundred company employees.

“I met Mayor James on a flight a few months ago,” said Adknowledge CEO Ben Legg. “We talked about what the company does and the kind of talent we import into Kansas City from around the country. He was really eager to see first-hand how we do what we do. We look forward
to his next visit.”