So You Want to Do Content Marketing?

Content marketing was 2013’s marketing buzz phrase, and it’s still going strong in 2014. According to one survey, 71% of U.S.-based marketers responded that they plan to “increase” or “significantly increase” their investments in content this year. The problem is, most concede already that they’re struggling with content sharing.

Many marketing professionals see content marketing as a relatively inexpensive way to boost public awareness, demonstrate thought leadership and deliver new leads into the pipeline.


How Marketers Can Build Thought Leadership

Marketing is a highly competitive, continually changing field. Innovations in social media and mobile have cultivated an ongoing dialogue and education between consumers and businesses. In order to stand out as a marketer today, you can’t simply follow the requirements of your role at an agency or a brand. It’s critical that you continually move past your job description and contribute to the industry conversation on a larger scale. Without doing so, you risk blending in as just another marketer in a very crowded and noisy profession.


Setting Up Your Brand Campaign: Top Questions to Ask Your Agency

The decision to commit to a six-figure marketing spend is always daunting, no matter how long you’ve been a marketer. It’s no secret that marketers believe in the advertising landscape’s scale and power. The IAB, in a study conducted with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), reports that that in 2013, online ad revenue peaked at a historic high. In Q3, ad revenues climbed to $10.7 billion, representing a 15% year-over-year increase.


Professional Branding in the Digital Age: How to Stay Relevant

There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to be in marketing.  Marketers have a lot to take on: shifting consumer habits, proliferation of media formats, rapidly changing technology, grappling with big data, different growth techniques and a relentless focus on ROI have made the job bigger and more complex than ever.

But keeping up with changes in the field are only half the battle. Today’s modern day marketers must be prepared to reinvent themselves through the very same mediums in which they’re pitching their products.

Watch This: Facebook Video Advertising Coming to a Timeline Near You

Since late 2012, media outlets covering the social media space have reported that Facebook was looking to integrate video advertising into users’ timelines. As people started to lose their calm over a free service they use to connect with one another, the reports of video advertising kept getting pushed back throughout 2013. Now it appears that Facebook once again is almost ready to roll out video advertising, and is doing some live beta testing. Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Brian Nowak believes video ads will pull in more than $1.1B in revenue in 2015.

Facebook has finally announced that it will be slowly inserting video ads into users timelines with auto-play ads for the upcoming film “Divergent.” To address user concerns, ads will only play automatically if users are using WiFi, and sound will not play automatically.

Performance Management – The Dreaded Self-Evaluation

Everyone knows the saying “perception is reality.” Self-assessments are a perfect way to ensure your perception of how you performed in your role matches what your manager believes.

Performance reviews are not just an opportunity for managers to grade you on the previous year’s performance, but an opportunity for you to brag about the things you have accomplished, to voice your interests, to discuss your failures or weaknesses and areas for development.


5 Strategies for Effective Networking in the Digital Age

Networking will forever be the lifeblood of a professional’s career. No matter how old you are, what year it is and what technology is used, networking will continue to affect an individual’s professional growth, in addition to skillset and experience. Not to mention, networking can help you land a job, earn a promotion, perhaps introduce you to your future co-founder and help you remain a valuable asset to your employer and industry.

In my own career as a tech writer and marketer, I’ve been lucky enough to grow by leaps and bounds writing for Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable and others. There are many factors that contribute to my progress, but networking would have to be one of the biggest.

Overcoming Extinction: 5 Tips to Stay Ahead of the Ever-Changing Marketing Curve

For marketers, Fear of Becoming Obsolete (FOBO) will be the new buzzword in 2014.

For marketers, one of the most important days of the year is December 26, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. A few years ago on this bright, cold, winter morning, I woke up energized with pre-coffee excitement. Leaping from the cozy warmth of my bed, I sprinted out the door to get the newspaper (yes, that ink-enriched dead tree left on the edge of the driveway for maximum foot chill). I was eager to see my then-company’s sales offer in the national newspaper.