For the Love of Marketing — Why Is No One Talking about the #1 Challenge Marketers Face?

For the past six weeks, I have attended two conferences, read (well, skimmed) four books and perused literally hundreds of marketing blogs. All of this information is intended to help marketers get a handle on the ever-evolving, always challenging, uber-competitive marketplace.

What struck me from all these good presentations/books/videos/blogs is that they focus on what to do and miss the absolute biggest challenge facing marketers today, which is how to do it.


Your Job, Defined as a Peanut Butter Sandwich

As it turns out, even something as complex as coding can be boiled-down to reflect the simple act of making a peanut butter sandwich. Stick with me here.

During a “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” presentation at Adknowledge headquarters yesterday, software engineers Taru Garg and Somil Chandwani illustrated the power of engineering through the simple (yet surprisingly complex) task of making a PB&J sandwich. They told the kids each movement has to be carefully “taught” to the program because it just doesn’t have the capability of thinking on its own. For example, a programmer would have to make sure to write a line of code that instructs the program to stop spreading peanut butter at some point, or it would continue doing so until the jar were empty.

We are tech junkies here at Adknowledge, and as it turns out, so are our kids. The eight- and ten-year-olds in the audience were fascinated that something they knew so much about (PB&Js) could be used to explain something that seemed so far removed from them (coding). They learned about the power of distributive computing—for those who want to make millions of PB&Js all at once—and also about the various roles we all have in getting our “sandwiches” to market.

30 Tools Senior Marketers Can Use to Keep Pace with Technology

It’s a senior marketer’s job to be a growth hacker, a lifecycle marketer, design-focused, data-driven, empowering to others, a customer champion, an amplifier and above all, a leader.

While juggling all their day-to-day responsibilities, it’s important that a CMO, director of marketing, senior marketer and other marketing leaders stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry.


Ben Legg Talks Digital Video and Earnings on Bloomberg TV

Adknowledge CEO discusses the ROI of video and how it affects revenue at Google

NEW YORK –April 16, 2014– Ben Legg, the CEO of Adknowledge, appeared live with anchor Emily Chang on Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg West today. He presented a compelling case for the value of digital video in advertising and offered analysis on Google’s upcoming first quarter earnings announcement. Legg was once the chief operating officer of Google Europe.


Which Type of Marketer Does it Better—Startups or corporate? Five Answers that Might Surprise You

I have spent my career running marketing organizations both large and small.  Regardless of the size of the business, marketing serves a critical role. But what type of organization does it better? Marketing organizations at large corporations certainly have the budgets, resources and talent to win in the marketplace. But small, focused startups with their scrappy sensibility, their test and learn approach, coupled with growth hacking capabilities tend to seize and capitalize on opportunities quickly.


Mobile App Marketing Is More Than Just Existing

One thing all mobile users have in common is our propensity to fill up our devices with tons of apps. From games (mostly games) to news and sports, apps chew-up home screen real estate and push everything else to secondary status. Yet with the millions of apps available on the market, how do we find the most interesting ones? Outside of promotion in Google Play and Apple’s App Store, how do apps get noticed?