2014’s Best of Video Advertising Blogs

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Video advertising is the next frontier—and the smartest, most forward-looking marketers are using it to their full advantage. We worked to drive industry thought-leadership with the video-centric blogs we added to our corporate site in 2014.


2014’s Best of Social Media Advertising Blogs

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With more than 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, another 300 million on Instagram and 284 million on Twitter, it’s a safe bet that social media are here to stay. It’s one of the reasons Adknowledge devoted so much time and space to all-things-social in 2014.


2014’s Best of Email Marketing Blogs

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The ROI of email marketing is still tough to beat; it’s why brands large and small use it to engage customers and prospects. Adknowledge’s email product, AdStation, is an industry leader. In this round-up of 2014’s best email-focused blogs, be sure to notice two from AdStation’s general manager, Matt Hoggatt.


5 Lessons from Running Thousands of Video Ads

Digital media represents a complete and total paradigm shift from what marketers are used to seeing with TV commercials. For the first time ever, brands can track who’s watching. The days of wondering whether someone skipped through your message? They’re gone for good. With digital media, you’ll get a definitive answer within a couple of hours.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Marketing

The 2015 mobile crowd aren’t robots. In fact, more than ever before, they’ll demand more control over what they engage with. To ready yourself for tomorrow’s consumers, you must have a mobile marketing strategy prepared for what the future holds. But have no fear—we’ve used our experience to bring you the best marketing trends to watch for in 2015. Here are the top things you didn’t know about mobile marketing, but should:


5 Digital Video Stats Marketers Need to Know

The smartest marketers are always looking for ways to outpace the status quo. The formula is simple:

  1. Find an untapped opportunity
  2. Explore it
  3. Persevere (read: make mistakes) until you reach a point of success
  4. Scale as fast as you can

Now that the commercial Internet is decades old, you may think that there are absolutely no untapped opportunities. But then mobile and social media came along in creating brand new acquisition ecosystems.


Digital Video Meets the Bean Counters

How do you measure the ROI of video advertising?

The End of the Beginning

Marketers are, these days, overcoming the early barriers to adoption of digital video advertising. Those included concerns over brand safety, fraud and scalability. Although there are still plenty of scare stories about these subjects around (“This beheading video is brought to you by Nissan”  is a popular example, based on an unfortunate ad placement.) The reality is that smart advertisers have found technologies and partners to avoid the pitfalls. Therefore, the question I increasingly hear from senior marketers is, “How much should I spend, and what is the ROI versus other forms of advertising?”The answer to this question will drive the speed with which digital video spend cannibalizes other forms of advertising.