Touchdown, Advertising Industry!

What a game! The interceptions! The gutsy call by Seattle to score another touchdown at the end of the first half. The completely insane play call from the one-yard line at the end of the game. The advertising. Katy Perry and her tiger and dolphins in the halftime show. The ads!

Super Bowl advertising reviews will continue for days and weeks, but there were clear winners and losers before the game was even over. The “race for views” will continue for up to 10 days post-Super Bowl. View-centric buying reduces next step engagement (clicks and conversions), which is where the digital viewership, and performance-driven buying thrive.

When you look at what the various trend maps of who won and lost the advertising game, there are a few that stood out:


Budweiser: Lost Dog #BestBuds

Once again, Budweiser tugs at heartstrings with a cute, lost puppy and Clydesdales to the rescue. Someone pass me a tissue.

BMW: Newfangled Idea #HelloFuture

“What is Internet?” Genius! BMW scored a touchdown with this funny bit featuring Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric of the past and present. Love.

Snickers: The Brady Bunch

This “Brady Bunch” themed ad is so far out of left field and so perfectly executed, how can you not love it? Buschemi stomping off is the perfect end to a great ad!

Coca-Cola: Make it Happy #MakeItHappy

The world needs more happy! And Coca-Cola wants us to have it. From #OpenHappiness to #MakeItHappy Coke is once again sharing the love.

Fiat: The FIAT Blue Pill  #500X

Fiat scored big with the tale of a tiny, blue pill beefing up a small car. This is a great ad that can easily be trimmed down and still resonate.

Always: Like A Girl #LikeAGirl

“Always” wants us to empower girls. Its spot raises a few eyebrows while providing a lighthearted approach to a serious issue.

Clash of Clans: Revenge

“Lee-am, not Lie-am” was a refreshing dose of humor in a new ad for Clash of Clans. And Liam Neeson likes scones! I never would have guessed.

Toyota: How Great I Am #OneBoldChoice

Fantastic. Uplifting. Fast-paced. Heartwarming. Did Toyota forget anything in its “How Great I Am” ad? All in all, a nice start to the adstravaganza we experienced during Super Bowl XLIX.

Mercedes-Benz AMG: Fable #TheBigRace

An age-old tale of the tortoise and the hare gets revisited in this CGI masterpiece by Mercedez-Benz for the AMG. #TheBigRace is truly hare-raising.

Dove Men+Care: RealStrength #RealStrength

The people behind this ad could make the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes. It’s touching, heartwarming, endearing. And you’ll smell better!

All in all, it was a great Super Bowl. The game was really interesting, too! Now, where does one get a giant, gold, animatronic tiger?

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Kim McReynolds

Kim’s been an internet addict since Yahoo! was at Stanford. From website design to creating banner ads featuring fast-moving monkeys to project management she’s done it all - and much of it at Adknowledge or its predecessors. Today she helps lead the corporate marketing team. When she’s not throwing a party at Alcatraz or the Empire State Building she’s engrossed in event planning, brand management and corporate messaging.

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