Five Surprising Stats About Pre-Super Bowl Advertising Every Marketer Should Know

70 Million

As of this morning, our Pre-Super Bowl Advertising Scoreboard shows consumers have viewed Super Bowl official teasers and spots on YouTube roughly 70 million times. To put this in perspective, this is like 7,700 years of continuous viewing. And this is on You Tube alone – that does not count other social networks and publishers talking (and showing) all things Super Bowl-related.


The Internet Has Spoken: Keeping Score on Super Bowl Advertising

Even before the Super Bowl kickoff, there’s reason to keep score.

Lots of game day advertisers have already released their ads—or portions of them—on YouTube. Some have drawn rave reviews; others have already gotten a digital tar-and-feathering and won’t see the light of day during the Super Bowl broadcast.


17 Amazing Super Bowl Statistics

The Super Bowl is a big deal—not just for sports fans, but also advertisers who pay dearly to get their message into the commercial breaks in the action. There’s a good reason for that: with more than 100-million people watching, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to reach your target audience. This year, Super Bowl advertising – in 30-second increments – will cost a staggering $4.5 million!

Check out our infographic regarding all things about the game and Super Bowl advertising below. It is full of interesting information about the game, which kicks-off in less than two weeks on February 1, and is almost as exciting as a fake punt and a two point conversion!


Making Super Bowl Advertising Work on YouTube

You’ve probably seen the going rate for Super Bowl advertising during NBC’s game broadcast this year: $4.5 million. For 30 seconds. And don’t forget: during the commercial breaks, a certain segment of the audience will be running to the fridge for beer and guacamole.


Facebook Video Ads from Brands Doing Them Right

With the increasing popularity of both social media and online videos today, there are some mind blowing statistics marketers should consider when it comes to using video, especially on platforms like Facebook. For example, people watch 500 years worth of videos daily on Facebook alone! That’s a lot of screen time. (And who does that kind of math?)