30 Tools Senior Marketers Can Use to Keep Pace with Technology

It’s a senior marketer’s job to be a growth hacker, a lifecycle marketer, design-focused, data-driven, empowering to others, a customer champion, an amplifier and above all, a leader.

While juggling all their day-to-day responsibilities, it’s important that a CMO, director of marketing, senior marketer and other marketing leaders stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry.

Staying ahead of the ever-changing marketing curve is an important duty of a senior-level marketer because they are expected to direct others on what’s essential for the long-term growth of the company.

It’s critical for marketers to understand how trends in the industry affect how their companies are positioned and that they have the insights to adapt quickly to changes.

Use the following tools to keep pace with the advances in technology as it pertains to marketing.

Content Discovery Tools

1 Flipboard

Flipboard is an app for leisurely viewing aggregated content based on your interests from various sources like social media, industry experts and publications. It’s a beautifully designed magazine-like experience that allows you to catch up on all the industry news from any device.

2 Circa

Circa is a news app designed specifically around the mobile experience to highlight the most important news in many verticals, including technology. This tool is an asset for quickly consuming the most important news content right on your mobile device.

Screenshot of smart phone app - Circa


3 LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is another newsreader that aggregates content to be viewed across all devices to consolidate where you have to look for recent content. The app suggests articles from hundreds of news and media outlets, as well as the articles from LinkedIn’s Influencers program. Integration with Readability, Instapaper, Pocket and Evernote make it easy to save content from the newsreader to read or share later.

4 Mention

Mention is a social listening tool that acts similarly to Google Alerts, but with updated functionality to better interpret and alert a marketer of mentions of their organization on social media and across the web. This is a powerful tool for monitoring conversations to help stay updated on the evolving perception of your business.

5 Feedly

In 2013, Feedly became the best alternative for a majority of Google’s RSS Reader user base after the service was discontinued. Feedly has continued to become a more effective RSS reader as its user base has grown, allowing marketers and business professionals to view the latest content from many news sources covering multiple verticals. The tool functions like an RSS reader, but with a magazine-style format.

6 Newsle

Newsle is a tool for tracking news about the people in your network, which can be extremely effective way of following the insights of industry experts, whether they’re publishing content or are appearing in the news regularly.

7 inPowered

inPowered is a tool that allows a marketer to search for positive mentions about their business, whether they appear in major publications or on an industry blog. The tool allows a marketer to then take the best news about their company and promote it as an ad to earn greater distribution and value from the media mentions.

Screenshot of InPowered site


8 Quora

Quora is a popular question and answer focused social network relying on the insights of experts to answer questions sourced from the network’s user base. The tool has attracted thought leaders, executives, journalists, investors and students who all use it to solve problems they’re having from the insights of other experts. It’s a helpful resource for marketers looking to share industry news, stay updated on trends in the marketing community and continue to learn through the conversation of others in their network.

Marketing Distribution Tools

9 EveryoneSocial

EveryoneSocial is a tool for empowering your employees to share content about your business across their social networks to help make use of the combined voices at your company. This tool make is simple for employees to share social content about their company on their social networks, limiting the time and effort it takes to contribute to social media. This will help senior marketers increase your organization’s social footprint, while expanding the volume of relevant conversations about your company across the web.

10 Buffer

In order to find success for your company on social media, senior-level marketers must use social media themselves to learn what it takes to drive conversations, take advantage of real-time moments and understand the unique nuances of each social network. Use Buffer to schedule content on your personal social channels at scale to save time and maintain quality on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Screenshot of Buffer


11 Percolate

An enterprise business must take many factors into consideration when creating a publishing strategy on social media like the proper workflow and approval process. Percolate helps enterprise businesses managing their social channels scale their content with a consistent workflow, a suite of tools to ensure better control of the content published and robust analytics to highlight what social content is resonating. The time Percolate saves for enterprise businesses managing their social channels is one of the biggest benefits of the tool.

12 LinkedIn

It’s critical for a senior marketer to have an active personal profile on LinkedIn. It’s important to also start publishing original content to your LinkedIn profile, since everyone now has access to this feature on the network and it is an effective way of establishing thought leadership. Also, companies can sponsor their content posted from their company page to targeted audiences on LinkedIn. If you’re a B2B business, 80% of leads from social media come from LinkedIn.

13 Skyword

Creating quality, relevant content at scale is important for the long-term growth of your company. Skyword gives your organization access to a robust content marketing software platform for properly managing the content creation and distribution process, as well as access to a network of professional writers. The network of writers can help your company create quality content on the subjects that matter most to your audience, while the software helps manage the workflow of a successful content strategy.

14 Repost

In order for your content to stand out today, you’ve got to focus on both quality and quantity. Use Repost to pull quality content from sources across the web and syndicate it on your own website. The tool helps your business generate the quantity of content needed to stand out online without sacrificing the quality. Repost can help automate some of the work that goes into syndication, reducing time spent on distribution while still driving relevant traffic to your content.

15 Influitive

Reaching advocates in your industry is essential to getting your content seen by a larger, relevant audience online. Influitive helps B2B marketers discover, mobilize and recognize advocates in their industry who are already interested in your business and its offerings. These advocates can help drive referrals, word-of-mouth recommendations, conversations on social media and more. Tapping into a network of advocates is an important marketing function for your company since it can help your team learn what tactics will turn customers into advocates in the future.

Marketing Productivity Tools

16 Yammer

Yammer is a tool to create a private social network for your company, allowing your employees to interact with one another to collaborate across locations, business units and apps. A senior marketer can help the entire organization stay in constant communication through Yammer, which encourages each employee to share what they’re working on and industry news to stay ahead of the curve.

Screenshot of Yammer site


17 Prezi

A senior-level marketer is more likely to present to other team members and departments, across business units or to the entire company. Use Prezi to make engaging, one-of-a-kind presentations to become a world-class presenter and highlight your expertise in an innovative way. This tool can help position your organization as a leader in the industry through the sharing of your ideas in the form of attractive, professionally designed presentations.

18 Nimble

Nimble is a CRM focused on consolidating the relationships a person has with her network, aggregated from social media, email, calendars, contacts and more. This tool saves time since it’s able to consolidate all the information and interactions with a particular contact into one dashboard pulled from Twitter, Gmail and anywhere else communication occurred with a contact.

19 Evernote

One of most well-known business productivity tools available today is Evernote. It allows you to organize ideas, notes, projects and experiences into one app available across devices. Stay ahead of the ever-changing marketing industry by taking notes, saving articles to read later, writing down your ideas, staying organized and focusing on your goals.

20 Uservoice

A customer support and community management tool, Uservoice allows companies to listen and engage with their customers, at scale, without increasing overhead. Uservoice is a powerful tool for allowing an organization to support its customers, whether they’re active on your website or mobile devices. The ability to manage support tickets more effectively and listen to user suggestions provided through the platform helps to better focus your efforts on what a customer actually wants.


Begin automating some of the repetitive processes of your workday by using IFTTT to save time and become more efficient. IFTTT is integrated with 92 other services to allow you to automate certain actions, like saving an email in Gmail automatically to Evernote whenever an email is starred. You can also get a notification of any relevant blog comments via SMS, and every time you favorite a tweet it automatically sends it to Pocket to read later.

Screenshot of IFTTT


Marketing Curation Tools

22 Echo

Echo is a suite of tools that allows organizations to better manage, promote and engage visitors by supplying robust support for commenting on content, covering news in real-time, plotting social activity on a map, conducting social polls and highlighting the most engaging content from a company’s following. Echo can help a senior marketer promote and support interactions happening with content on company web properties and therefore, better understand how to drive more conversations with the business and customer base.

Screenshot of Echo app


23 NewsCred

NewsCred is a platform dedicated to helping businesses distribute licensed content and create custom content. This tool is beneficial to organizations looking to curate content from top publishers like Forbes, the Huffington Post or Variety onto their own web properties as a part of their content marketing mix. This is a robust solution for quickly curating quality content on your website, while remaining compliant.

24 RebelMouse

RebelMouse allows your business to curate the content from your company’s social media accounts and its customers’ feeds in real-time around a particular subject, event, idea or brand to be displayed on your website. Marketers can choose to display the best social media conversations occurring about their organization and keep pace with your customers and encourage others to participate. This can help create a story about your business from fans’ and followers’ content to help improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

Screenshot of  RebelMouse


25 Storify

Much of the content shared across social media is unstructured, therefore a post or a tweet is only able to describe one moment of a larger story, topic or theme. Using Storify, a marketer can pull together content from various social media channels to tell a complete story in a timeline to be shared on a website, blog, article or microsite. This tool can help a senior level marketer better understand how to craft content from social media into a compelling story worth sharing with the brand’s audience.

Marketing Analytics Tools

26 Optimizely

Consistently A/B testing your web properties is an important tactic to ensure your website is performing as well as it can to drive conversions. Optimizely allows a marketer to easily test landing pages to ensure each button, color, ordering of content, offer copy and other aspects are the right fit for your audience without requiring the help of a developer.

27 Parse.ly

This predictive analytics platform is helpful at measuring the success of your content as compared to new and existing trends occurring across the web. Parse.ly helps marketers monitor content trends, specific authors, page views and more to produce better content on behalf of the company. The tool recommends topics that will resonate with readers to take advantage of current (and future) trends to help keep your content and company part of relevant conversations.

28 Sumall

Understanding all the metrics across your disconnected social media channels, website, email, blog, payment platforms, Google Analytics and more can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Sumall consolidates all of the data from your various online properties into one dashboard, which helps to make the process of analyzing the success of your business much more streamlined. The Sumall dashboard gives senior level marketers a high-level view of what marketing efforts are working to drive results, while allowing them to dive into any of the details of a specific channel.

Screenshot of Sumall App


29 Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heat mapping tool that allows a marketer to analyze where visitors are clicking on their website to understand why visitors aren’t converting. This way, your team can keep the aspects of your website that are often clicked on and alter those that aren’t driving results. As a marketer, you’ll be able to better understand where to feature your site content to achieve the best results and give more visibility to the most important elements of your business.

30 Unmetric

Monitoring and measuring your competitors on social media is a critical process for a senior level marketer since competitive analysis can determine the direction of your own marketing initiatives by seeing what works, and what doesn’t, for others. Unmetric is a competitive intelligence tool that allows you to monitor the progress of other companies on social media across paid, owned and earned media in real-time.

Screenshot of UnMetric


What tools is your marketing team using to drive results for your business? Did we forget any tools worth adding to the list? Share your additions in the comments below.

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