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Kim McReynolds

Kim’s been an internet addict since Yahoo! was at Stanford. From website design to creating banner ads featuring fast-moving monkeys to project management she’s done it all - and much of it at Adknowledge or its predecessors. Today she helps lead the corporate marketing team. When she’s not throwing a party at Alcatraz or the Empire State Building she’s engrossed in event planning, brand management and corporate messaging.

The Apple Watch is Coming! So, What Are My Alternatives?

Now that Apple has told us all about its Watch—prices, options, battery life, etc.—it’s easier to decide whether to be status quo or status no. If you’re not 100% onboard with the idea of the Apple Watch (and many are not) it only makes sense to consider some of the alternatives that are already out, or coming out shortly, and work with iOS.


10 Holiday Gifts for the Techie-Nerdy-Gadget Fiend in Your Life

Gone are the days when Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season—it has already begun.holiday-gifts-for-techies It seems like just about every store, from niche retailers selling locally made, eco-friendly socks to the behemoths, such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, are offering up holiday savings.


Digital Video Glossary

As digital video grows in popularity, so do the terms, phrases and (even worse!) the acronyms. Do you frequently find yourself in meetings about online video, digital video advertising or video marketing and not know a particular term or phrase? If you find your head spinning during conference calls, or if you just want to get down and dirty with the basics and learn digital video lingo, then this glossary of terminology and phrases is for you.


Digital Advertising vs. TV: By the Numbers

For more than a half century now, television has been the 800-pound advertising gorilla. While TV is still an undeniable force for mass-market branding, it’s not going to hold the same sway over the buying public for the next 50 years.

Digital video is evolving quickly and provides some massive advantages over television, from targeting to purchase tracking.


Who can unlock your digital audience? Adknowledge Cannes!

Adknowledge is again headed to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France for the largest gathering of global advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators and marketers. The population of Cannes actually swells by 50% and gives the small, seaside town a population density equal to Athens or Berlin for one week. Of the 12,000 delegates on hand for the festival, 25% are marketers – including Adknowledge!