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Lance Hemenway

Lance Hemenway is the marketing director of Adknowledge's AdStation email product. He's an internet veteran who was a founding member of Intermix Media, the parent company of Myspace.com. Lance serves on the boards of the Bureau of Internet Accessibility and Think Big Kansas City. He's based at the Kansas City headquarters.

How Response Based Targeting Improves Your Marketing

Savoring the Sweet Science of Modern Marketing

When marketing first crawled from its primordial beginnings, it was a talent reserved almost exclusively for those with artistic abilities. Pretty pictures and words pleaded for the passerby’s attention, hoping to successfully communicate primitive commercial messaging. Technological advancements would have to wait. “Targeting” was picking a safe neighborhood. “Banners” were made of cloth. “Tablets” had to be carved upon, and “Analytics” wasn’t even a word yet.

Thankfully, technology has provided valuable tools to help provide nearly limitless sources of feedback to help refine an advertiser’s message to near perfection. Guesswork, as it applies to advertising, has all but become a thing of the past. Modern marketing techniques employ the use of demographic or even psychographic data, allowing advertisers to more easily reach their target consumers. And while the creative element remains important to the overall process, it has clearly taken a backseat to the more scientific side of the modern marketing equation.