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Matt Hoggatt

Matt is the general manager of the Adknowledge email business, which includes List Management, API and Partner Network solutions. He’s been in technology and marketing services management for 15 years.

5 Tips for Getting into the Inbox

People have been saying that email marketing is “dead” for quite some time, but with a quick look at some statistics from 2014, it becomes obvious that email continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools available. In fact, it’s reported that 95% of consumers use email, and 91% of users check their inbox at least once a day. That’s a pretty convincing argument as to why you should be using email marketing to further your business.


Email, Reinvented: Why Customization is Crucial

Historically, the key to email advertising has been deliverability. If a user tends to open his mail and/or respond to it, messages will definitely be placed in the inbox. If recipients ignore mailings, they’re going to wind up in the junk folder. The days of blindly firing out as many emails as possible to random email addresses has become an outdated industry practice.

In the new age of email marketing, the goal will undoubtedly still be deliverability.  However, the path to this objective will be found through user engagement.  Companies trying to achieve consistent inbox delivery must send email with the absolute best chance of engagement. With a database of response-based targeting information on more than 400 million users, we don’t make any guesses when it comes to matching offers to consumers.