Former Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Joins Adknowledge Board of Directors

KANSAS CITY, Mo –January 28, 2016– Dan Hesse, former Sprint CEO, has joined the Adknowledge board of directors, where he arrives with more than three decades of industry experience. Each of the products in the Adknowledge portfolio—including digital video, social media advertising, apps and mobile email—leverages the unique abilities to connect with consumers through mobile. (more…)

Are You Doing Cross-Channel Marketing Correctly?

Speaking to your customers consistently across all channels has to be a priority for every business that wants to reach the modern buyer. Today’s customers expect to navigate their purchases seamlessly between social media, blogs, websites and every other channel from any and all of their devices. Cross-channel marketing unites all the various touchpoints that your customers will encounter throughout their buying journey.


Every Media Buyer Needs to Know these 5 Digital Video Trends

Digital video is one of the biggest opportunities in advertising—the decision to launch a campaign will be a great one. Platforms like YouTube give a new twist to the mass-market value of television: in addition to generating reach, you’ll be able to drive conversions and direct ROI for your client or brand.


If You’re Not Doing Mobile Like These Brands, You’re Doing it Wrong

In the early days of mobile marketing, many wondered whether it would be possible to create experiences people actually enjoyed on such a small screen. Back in 2010, even Steve Jobs, godfather of the iPhone, famously went out of his way to declare, “Mobile advertising really sucks.”


Wearables: How Advertisers Can Target the Smartwatch Market

With the increase in the demand for smartwatches—especially the new Apple Watch—many tech experts are predicting that this new form of mobile device will be an essential trend in the marketing and business perspective soon. According to a research by Gartner, 50% of respondents said they will choose a smart wristwatch over fitness bands when purchasing a wearable in 2015, as it offers the same health features but more mobile functionalities.


4 Things that Marketers Should Know About the Human Brain

At any given time, marketers face hundreds of decisions. In testing new customer acquisition channels, advertising imagery and messaging, the process of choosing the right combination of elements can feel like a shot in the dark. Even more frustrating is the fact that the decisions have a high probability of being wrong.