Digital Video Meets the Bean Counters

How do you measure the ROI of video advertising?

The End of the Beginning

Marketers are, these days, overcoming the early barriers to adoption of digital video advertising. Those included concerns over brand safety, fraud and scalability. Although there are still plenty of scare stories about these subjects around (“This beheading video is brought to you by Nissan”  is a popular example, based on an unfortunate ad placement.) The reality is that smart advertisers have found technologies and partners to avoid the pitfalls. Therefore, the question I increasingly hear from senior marketers is, “How much should I spend, and what is the ROI versus other forms of advertising?”The answer to this question will drive the speed with which digital video spend cannibalizes other forms of advertising.


The Best Ways to Get Customers to Engage on Facebook

Well, it’s official. The time when businesses could use the “like-gate” in order to promote engagement in their Facebook pages is over. No longer can you offer content and giveaways only when a user likes your Facebook page; the social network has decided it wants to focus on the quality of connections instead of allowing businesses to dangle a carrot in front of a consumer to force engagement. While like-gating had already fallen out of favor with many businesses, it was still an important tactic to others. Many are now asking, “What do we do now?”


A Millennial’s Digital Marketing Worldview

When I started at Adknowledge a few months ago, I have to admit that I knew next-to-nothing about digital marketing. To me at the time, online marketers were able to track you with cookies whenever you’re online, or something like that, and this was why display ads for the retro Kansas City Chiefs jersey I was coveting/stalking on eBay would show up on my Facebook page. As a Millennial, I did not realize that my exposure to the digital marketing industry was going to present me with a fascinatingly new perspective on my own generation.


3 Reasons To Jumpstart Your Content Marketing with Video

Quite often when content marketing is discussed as a viable option for marketers to reach their audience, written content is a favorite way to execute against this strategy.

However, video is a powerful form of content that can resonate differently than an article or white paper. Many companies prefer to create written content because it’s easier to produce than video; that’s why only about 24 percent of national brands are using online video to market to consumers.


Lessons Learned from My First $10,000 Mistake

Performance marketing is a double-edged sword. When you generate an ROI, you’re ecstatic. When you lose money, you want to pull your hair out—and maybe throw your computer at the wall.

I remember the very first ad campaign I ran. I was mortified. I had but one guideline: I could spend as much as I wanted, as long as I made money. I had never managed a performance marketing budget, and here I was with infinite freedom.

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