10 Reasons Advertisers and Media Buyers Should Use Facebook to Convert Customers

While marketers have a dizzying array of channels to choose from, Facebook—with a billion monthly active users—is the go-to social platform to help most reach our objectives. In years past, marketers may have thought of Facebook as only a means to address top-of-the-funnel objectives: building brand awareness and executing campaigns for reach, frequency and engagement.

If ‘awareness & reach’ are still your only marketing objectives for Facebook, I suggest you consider rescheduling your next meeting and spend some time reading our latest eBook. If you’ve heard that Facebook can drive conversions but are not sure how to make that happen, you might want to consider cancel going out to lunch, hit the vending machine and read this at your desk.

Cover image to PDF file: 10 Ways Advertisers & Media Buyers Can Use Facebook to Convert CustomersWhy? Brand builders are focused on multiple stages of the conversion funnel: awareness, consideration, engagement, conversion, and retention. Direct response marketers focus entirely on the conversion stage—the sale. Facebook does both: it can build your brand and help you convert your customers.

This eBook describes 10 specific ways that advertisers and media buyers can use Facebook to drive demand through the customer funnel, leading to conversions, and ultimately, a positive ROI.

Moreover, each strategy is backed by client data and research from AdParlor, one of 13 companies worldwide designated as a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD) on Facebook. This isn’t theoretical, academic babble gleaned from pundits who talk about the tools. The information comes from working with thousands of clients and learning what works and what doesn’t.

Punchline? Using Facebook to drive conversions works.

Have you cancelled that meeting yet?

Read on and let me know if I’m right—or really, really right.

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Anita Newton

Anita Newton is the VP of corporate marketing at Adknowledge. She led marketing at P&G, Sprint and AMC Theatres, as well startups including Zave Networks (acquired by Google). Anita continues her entrepreneurial work by advising startups like Trellie and Mighty Green Solutions. She is based at Adknowledge's Kansas City headquarters.

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