Email Is One of the Best Retargeting Tools Around—Here’s Why

Despite what you may think, email marketing is still one of the most effective online advertising tools available today. That’s the case for a number of reasons, but arguably, the biggest advantage it offers is the chance to share messages on a one-to-one basis.

Email gives you the ability to connect with individual customers and build a personal relationship with them. It allows you to send them the types of offers, information, products, or services they’re interested in. That level of outreach helps cultivate brand loyalty, which ultimately generates more sales.

An APAC Marketer’s Guide to Finding the Right Mobile Ad Partner

Asia’s mobile app economy is booming; more so than ever before, consumers are relying on their phones to stay entertained and connect with brands. The following areas of opportunity are emerging in key markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and China:


6 Common Ad Budget Mistakes Media Managers Can Easily Avoid

Ad tech is one of the most fascinating industries out there. If you’re reading this blog post, you probably know how much fun it is to manage an ad budget. Every campaign starts with an experiment, and when you find something that works, you can scale your program as big as it will grow—and I’m talking daily ad spends in the six figures.


2014’s Best of Social Media Advertising Blogs

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Best of 2014: Online Advertising

With more than 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, another 300 million on Instagram and 284 million on Twitter, it’s a safe bet that social media are here to stay. It’s one of the reasons Adknowledge devoted so much time and space to all-things-social in 2014.


Want A Digital Video? Ask These Five Questions First.

At this point, I’m gonna assume that there’s a fair chance you’ve surfed the World Wide Interwebs. You’ve probably also noticed that your favorite Jack Paar TV programs can now be seen on those crazy new machines called “computers.” Not only that, your fancy new rotary phone (the one without the curly wire and that doesn’t require Sarah from Mayberry, RFD to patch through your calls) can stream them, too. Amazing! The year 2014 is everything Huxley warned us about in Brave New World without the awesome Soma. Point is, digital video is not new and if you’re just now getting to the party, you better have one hell of a hostess gift to explain your tardiness because everyone else has been here for a while and is now drunk on millions of streams of content and consumer engagement points. I suppose better late than never though… so raise a glass and let’s chat about the whys and hows.


5 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers

To be a successful mobile marketer, you need to have a refined and highly specialized set of skills. A rudimentary understanding of modern marketing strategies simply won’t cut it in the mobile industry. Mobile marketing requires a radically different approach from traditional marketing; many rules have been changed. You have less time to get your message across and you have to do it more effectively than on any other platform, as there is just so much more mobile advertising being thrown at users.