5 Reasons to Become a YouTube Advertiser

Thinking of becoming a YouTube advertiser? This insights roundup will help get you off the fence.

If there’s one thing that online audiences love, it’s engaging, inspiring, and thoughtful content — which is why YouTube has grown to become the third-most popular website on the Internet.


These 5 Steps Will Be the Difference in Your Next Video Campaign

Videos continue to rise in popularity, and this viewership on the Internet comes with some eye-opening, pun intended, statistics. There are almost 200 million digital video viewers in the United States alone and that figure is expected to rise to 220 million by 2018. Almost 80% of Internet users are watching videos online today and advertisers are now spending $6 billion on digital video ads.


5 Lessons from Running Thousands of Video Ads

Digital media represents a complete and total paradigm shift from what marketers are used to seeing with TV commercials. For the first time ever, brands can track who’s watching. The days of wondering whether someone skipped through your message? They’re gone for good. With digital media, you’ll get a definitive answer within a couple of hours.