Adknowledge PDF eBook Cover: 10 Ways Advertisers & Media Buyers Can Use Facebook to Convert Customers

10 Ways to Use Facebook for Conversions

Facebook is an effective platform to drive conversions, but with an ever-increasing range of ad units, targeting methods, bidding options and more – the sheer volume of options can give even the most seasoned marketers and media buyers a headache.


In this eBook, you will discover how to effectively target your best customers, increase conversions and improve engagement by tapping into the immense potential within the Facebook platform.

Topics Include:

  • The importance of images in your ads
  • Best practices for selecting images for your Facebook ads
  • The differences in CTRs – and behaviors – between Men & Women
  • How to use Facebook Exchange to reach customers across channels
  • How to easily create and target to personas that mimic your existing audience – using data you already have!
  • How to benefit from chain reaction purchases on Facebook
  • How to convert customers using OCPM (Optimized Cost Per Impression) bidding
  • How to select the right content and products to feature in your Facebook advertising
  • The value of Insights from past campaigns