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Mobile App Installs

Driving the Most Valuable Installs

Adknowledge helps clients get their mobile apps into the hands of the right customers. Our non-incentivized CPI pricing ensures you’re paying for the people who actually want to use your app.

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Reaching the Best New Users

Buying mobile and tablet app installs is a fast and effective way to build your user base, earn a higher app store ranking, and fuel the organic growth of your apps. Mobile app developers can acquire new users at scale through our non-incentivized CPI (cost-per-install) program. We designed our distribution program to reach the best new users for your mobile app and integrate with several third-party tracking systems to make measuring campaign success easy.

Leads With Lifetime Value

Many companies might claim that they can grow the audience for your mobile app. You may be working with some of them right now. But real ROI comes from the quality of your users and their lifetime value. Our non-incentivized CPI pricing ensures you’re paying for the people who actually want to use your app.

Performance-Based Acquisition

Mobile is an increasingly crowded space, and getting your app into the hands of your best customers is challenging and costly, so there’s no room for waste. At Adknowledge, we only want you to pay for new, successful installs. Our non-incentivized CPI pricing along with our ability to integrate with a variety of third-party tracking systems means you are truly paying for performance – not pointless clicks or impressions.

Targeting the Right Users

Adknowledge operates the largest privately held online marketplace. Our targeting technology allows us to find your best customers based on geography, mobile OS version, and other user attributes to ensure your apps reach the right users. We use a wide variety of ad formats including IAB standards, interstitials, video ads and custom units to reach new users. Not only do we want to reach the people who want to install your app, we target those we think will become loyal users and provide meaningful lifetime value.

Measuring Success

We integrate with most of the major third-party conversion tracking systems and provide server-to-server tracking to ensure you’re only paying for legitimate installs. Also, we have developed analytics and reporting to show us what’s working and what we should do to provide even better results. We’ve built flexible reporting and tracking that can provide the data you need to measure success.

Mobile Monetization

Unlock Your Mobile Inventory's Revenue Potential

As much as half of the traffic to your website could be from smartphones and tablets. The Adknowledge display ecosystem serves and optimizes billions of ads every month. We specifically designed our new mobile ad units and sourced advertisers that perform well on mobile devices to help you monetize your mobile traffic more effectively.

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Highest Quality Ads in the Market

We maximize publisher earnings through our unique advertiser relationships.

  • Direct relationships with brand advertisers
  • Work with the world’s largest and most reputable ad networks
  • Premium advertisers bidding in real-time for inventory

Industry Leading CPMs

Adknowledge’s proprietary technology delivers highly relevant and premium quality ads, leading to higher CPMs and an optimal user experience.

Newer, Even Better Performing Mobile Ad Units

The mobile interstitial, floating banner, and mobile video ads provide an incremental and additional source of revenue from your mobile web traffic. These exclusive ad units are currently generating CPMs 20-50x higher than average banner ads. And you can use these ad units even if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website.

A Partner You Can Count On

Adknowledge mobile web publishers receive superior customer service. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, based in one of our U.S. offices, to contact via email, phone, or Skype.