Unlock the Value of Your Digital Audience

We have monetization solutions for video delivery, mobile apps, email data and lists, audience delivery and content recommendation. Our CPC campaigns turn traffic and subscribers into revenue.

Adknowledge Monetize Solutions

Engage Your Audience and Earn More

We can deliver relevant offers to your audience that generate conversions and lead to higher payouts for you. The more relevant the content, the more likely to engage and convert, so we use segmentation strategies, behavioral data and predictive algorithms to make sure everyone wins. When advertisers reach more of their best customers, you earn more.

Engagement Per Segment chart
Cross-channel Data

Cross-Channel Consumers

Consumers are increasingly able to access online channels seamlessly throughout the day across multiple devices and platforms. Because reaching online audiences is at the heart of everything we do, we’ve applied our core targeting capabilities to the new and emerging digital channels that consumers are using to get to their favorite content. It’s how we continue deliver relevant online audiences for publishers of all sizes.