Desktop App Monetization

Maximizing Your Revenue Potential

We help publishers of desktop apps and other downloadable products earn more from every install by displaying offers for sponsored apps. By wrapping your apps in our installer, you can display relevant offers to users during the installation process and get paid for each one they accept.

Desktop Apps

Install Path Monetization

Adknowledge provides an ideal monetization solution for publishers of download portals and custom apps. Every user who downloads your app goes through the install set-up screen. Start using that space to earn additional revenue. You can use our installer on your full software catalog or to enhance the revenue from particular apps you publish.

Performance Optimization

Our lightweight installer uses sophisticated optimization techniques to present the offers users will most likely accept, maximizing your conversion rate. We do this by considering the user’s geography, what they already have installed on their machine, and many other factors. The install manager features ad creatives we design to maximize offer acceptance, meaning you earn more per download.

Detailed Analytics

Registered publishers have access to the publisher portal’s real-time analytics. The reports provide deep insight into the revenue performance of your installs. Track performance, optimize distribution channels, and see how much you’re earning with each download.

A Partner You Can Count On

Adknowledge app publishers receive superior customer service. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, based in one of our U.S. offices, to contact via email, phone, or Skype.