Email Monetization

Make Money from Your Email List

Discover new, effective strategies for monetizing your email data as part of the industry’s most highly rated email publisher network. AdStation by Adknowledge connects publishers with brands through a powerful automated offer engine — giving you the power to create profit from your email strategy with our extensive advertiser network and offers targeted to your users.

AdStation: Email Monetization. Highest Rated Publisher Network
The automated email offer engine by AdStation

Proven Technology, Proven Results

The automated email offer engine by AdStation helps you reach your subscribers with the most highly relevant offers possible — driving engagement, clicks and revenue higher than ever before. Our proprietary targeting algorithms are backed by a secure consumer database of more than 1.5 billion profiles — delivering the most relevant offers in the industry to your users. Combined with unmatched innovation, AdStation has earned recognition as the industry leader in email monetization technology.

Adstation Precision Targeting

Precision Targeting

Proprietary targeting algorithms connect each individual list subscriber with the perfect offer to drive engagement and increase your revenue. Ensure brand safety, exceptional engagement and higher returns with AdStation. Learn More

Adstation Unmatched Control

Unmatched Control

Take control of your monetization strategy with the newest AdStation features. Choose and customize your offer templates, select advertising categories that match your content and set the frequency at which your offers send.

Adstation Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Get started quickly with easy API or SMTP relay connections. Actively connected to more than 27 different ESPs, you can be sending offers and making money with AdStation in as little as one hour. Learn More

Adstation Bonus

Earn a $1,000 New Publisher Bonus

Join the industry’s top-ranked email monetization network and you could earn an extra $1,000 when you earn $2,000 in revenue within your first 30 days. Take advantage of our powerful technologies to make more from your email efforts. Learn More