Monitor, Tablet, and Smart PhoneAdknowledge is a digital advertising company and, as such, we use consumer data to better target our clients’ advertisements and to make the information sent to consumers more relevant to them.  Because using consumer data is central to our business, we are respectful and mindful about privacy rights and the way we collect, store, share, and use that information.

We connect advertisers with the appropriate audience, in the right place and at the right time. We use data and algorithmic insights to find digital audiences for advertisers. Consumer targeting for behavior and trends deliver relevant ads to consumers through a variety of channels including email, social media, apps, mobile video, and display ads.

Privacy Principles

These privacy principles lay out our overarching guidelines for developing and implementing our privacy practices across our business. Because we operate in multiple business lines around the world, each product and service we offer has its own, specific privacy policy (see the right column for examples).

Personally Identifiable Information

We have many product offerings, and the information we collect depends upon how each product operates. Although we do not normally track or maintain personally identifiable information, or “PII”, about you (your name, address, or other information that could be used to easily identify you), there are some instances in which we do collect PII. Some examples include our lines of business that allow you to open an account with us, where we operate websites which allow users to post their own content and opinions, or where you make a customer inquiry into one of our businesses. In these instances, we will have PII about you, but these are exceptions that do not constitute the majority of our business operations.

Although many companies involved in providing services through the Internet collect, use and store PII, the legal landscape regulating such data continues to evolve. As this is the case, we try to avoid building and growing business models which rely heavily on PII and, as explained below, we employ encryption and security measures when we do store personal information such as user names and email addresses.

Anonymous Information

The large majority of the information we collect is anonymous, but allows us to zoom in on characteristics relevant to advertisers. Examples of these characteristics include demographic information or online behavior information. We may collect anonymized information about you in several ways. One way is by your interaction with us. For example, when you click on an advertisement we display on a website or in an email we send to you, we may record the IP address of the device you use. We may also purchase anonymized information from other companies so that we can try to provide consumers with more relevant advertisements. This anonymized information might include the kinds of products consumers, including you, have purchased in the past, or purchased after clicking on one of our advertisements.

Some of our lines of business may work with cookies and web beacons; any business we operate that uses those technologies will disclose this in its privacy policy. For example, some of our businesses may use cookies to track views of advertisements viewed on our business partners’ websites or within their online services. You can learn more about opting-out of cookies at Additionally, we may use other new and evolving sources of information and information gathering in the future to assist our business partners in delivering relevant advertisements.

Information About Minors

None of our businesses knowingly collect information about minors under the age of 18 except as may be disclosed in an applicable privacy policy. MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 SHOULD NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS, TO ADKNOWLEDGE. If Adknowledge is notified that it has any information about a minor under the age of 18, that information will be deleted from our active database.

We use the information we collect about you to assist our partners, including advertisers and publishers, to deliver advertisements more effectively. We do this in each of the digital markets we serve, including, social, video, email, mobile applications and other new and developing digital markets.
As a company that uses data to deliver value to business partners, such as advertisers and publishers, we may sell or share data we collect. We will only sell or share information with a third party if the data is anonymized, if that third party agrees to use the information according to applicable law, or if we are required to share such information by law, terms of service, or other requirements.
Adknowledge stores the information it collects in databases on Adknowledge servers. These servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers with industry-leading security access protocols. The Adknowledge servers and network utilize a firewall, access control lists, encryption, and data authentication to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under Adknowledge’s control. Adknowledge also maintains physical and procedural safeguards to protect information. Notwithstanding such measures, Adknowledge cannot guarantee that its security or privacy protection measures will prevent illegal access resulting in the data being stolen or altered.
People change their minds all the time, and that includes how you conduct your life online. Sometimes you may appreciate receiving offers through our services; other times you may not. Here are some tips on how you can exercise choice in your participation with some of our services.

If you do not want to see Adknowledge advertising, such as banner advertisements, on a website, application, or other online service, do not use that online service. If you want to prevent Adknowledge from tracking your behavior on a website, application, or other online service, you should turn off cookies in your Internet browser. You can also avoid interacting with, or clicking on, any advertisements.

If you want to unsubscribe from a certain email list associated with us, go to the bottom of any message you receive and click on the unsubscribe or opt-out links.

If you are a California resident, you have the right under California law to ask whether we have any of your PII in our files, and to review, correct, or delete it. You also have the right under California law to request that we do not disclose any of your PII to third parties. If that’s what you prefer, just contact us.

The technology we use is not always well understood, and we’re always happy for the opportunity to demystify our business to consumers and others. If you would like to learn more about Adknowledge and our products, please feel free to contact us.