Use Your Data to Build a Leading Ad Buying Marketplace

The Challenge

Too much advertising is wasted on impressions that don’t reach consumers who are actually interested in what advertisers are selling. And even the giant Internet companies—Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others—don’t have enough data on consumers to change that.

"Network operators will all become big data companies or go out of business."

- Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Oxford Professor

Our Vision

Since the Internet is becoming increasingly mobile, today’s telecom companies have a bigger data advantage than ever. What if it were possible for advertisers to target your customers – using your data, in a brand-safe and privacy-friendly way – whenever they’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, or YouTube?

Now they can.

Imagine a world in which all advertisers first come to you because of your data advantage. What if Toyota could target Instagram users who have visited Ford’s website in the past 30 days? Imagine Peet’s Coffee using YouTube to target ads to all consumers who have visited a Dunkin Donuts shop in the past month.

Now they can.

Helping to Leverage Your Data

We help telecom companies create multi-billion dollar ad buying platforms.

Our leading AdParlor product and operational expertise lead the industry in targeting ads where consumers spend the most time: on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Together, we can warehouse and segment your telecom data, and refine it into information the largest brands in the world can then use for their one-to-one ad campaigns on social media networks and elsewhere.

Whether you prefer a technology partner, a turnkey management team or just an investor, Adknowledge is the answer. We can provide the ad buying platform, or act as a strategic partner to help you manage and build a world-class ad tech business—something we’ve accomplished for ourselves over more than a decade in business.

Timing is critical: it’s time to leap ahead of the competitors, many of whom do not even have a plan for leveraging their data advantage.

Business Model Steps: 1 User Data, 2 Data Warehouse, 3 Custom Audience API

Unparalleled Global Reach

Where Theory Meets Reality

Our vision sounds intriguing, but it's actually happening right now, in the real world.

Since the start of 2015, Adknowledge has worked with Southeast Asian telecom giant Axiata to do precisely what we’re proposing. Our partnership—called Adknowledge Asia—has yielded incredible results and value in less than a year.

With more than 100 employees located across the APAC region, we provide sales and operational expertise from our headquarters in Singapore, with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines.

Best of all, we can quickly and efficiently replicate this model anywhere in the world, meeting your specifications.

Be the first in your region to truly understand and shape the future of mobile advertising.