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Video Advertising

According to comScore, Giant Media is the industry leader in native video distribution and seeding. Agencies and brands depend on Giant to drive millions of paid and earned video views. From automotive clients to fast food to consumer packaged goods, Giant’s focus on relevancy and context mean higher views and shares through social media.

What, Exactly, Is Native Advertising?

Advanced Targeting

Giant Media uses advanced techniques from real-time campaign optimisation to target mobile and multi-cultural audiences. We are also able to re-target native video sequentially.

Earned Media

We guarantee a 20% earned view lift. Our network of premium publishers allows us to find the best social interactions for your content and deliver a relevant mix of targeted publishers for each campaign.


Video Advertising

TriVu Media offers brands and media buyers a smarter way to place ads on YouTube. Because TriVu segments YouTube content into TV-like “channels,” you’ll actually see where ads will run, down to the actual URL-level. That attention to brand safety means no embarrassing misplacement surprises later. Whether you want pre-roll, in-banner or in-player ads, TriVu Media will optimise your message for the YouTube universe.

Tailored Experience Optimized YouTube Buying Experience

  • Take advantage of access to select, respected YouTube publishers
  • Scale campaigns, in real time, on top-performing videos
  • Use our proprietary pre-bid database for actionable exchange insights
  • Scan and tag your content before it enters an exchange to ensure targeted userrelevance
  • Bypass sluggish TV buying schedules, and repeat successful campaigns immediately

Facebook and Twitter

Social Media Advertising

You should expect more from your investments in social media. Their role for brands is changing, and the part social advertising plays in your media plan is changing, too. Whether you need managed services or a self-service tool,AdParlor can help you create effective, measurable and scalable campaigns that achieve real, objective-based results.

Our Facebook Expertise Marketing Partner

  • Bulk Uploading
  • Real Time Marketing
  • Mobile LTV Optimisation
  • Report with Custom Tags
  • Advanced Targeting Option
  • Custom and Segmentation Reporting

Our Twitter Expertise Marketing Platform Partner

  • Tailor Your Audience
  • Fully Embedded Targeting
  • Create and Schedule Multiple Tweets

Adknowledge UK

Adknowledge is a digital marketing company with locations on four continents, including an office in London. We specialise in social media marketing services, digital video distribution and content recommendation. Our video distribution is done via our Giant Media platform, which specialises in native video.

Our professional certifications with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube make us one of the leading social media marketing companies in the world. To provide added peace of mind, Adknowledge is also a member of the IAB in Europe.

We are an ROI-focused culture; our engineers, sales people and account managers are just as obsessive about your company’s results as our own.

Adknowledge UK

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48 Warwick Street
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Phone: +44 (0) 207-212-9030

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