YouTube Advertising

YouTube Ads with Transparency, Scale and Brand Safety

YouTube Advertising

Deliver the Best ROI

Online video ad revenues are projected to grow from $4 billion in 2013 to over $9 billion by 2017. More advertisers are diverting TV budgets toward the skyrocketing digital video format. As they look to buy online video, there are challenges: will their branded videos appear next to objectionable content? What video channels work best? Is it scalable? TriVu Media solves those issues for advertisers.

What We Do?

Enjoy An Optimized YouTube

TriVu Media provides a smarter way to buy online video ads on YouTube, ensuring your digital video ad buying experience will be transparent, brand safe and will also deliver the best ROI in the industry. That’s why companies like Volkswagen, Sony, Spotify and Coca-Cola rely on Trivu. What sets us apart is the ability to segment YouTube content into TV-like “channels.” Clients can view precisely where their ads will run, pre-bid. TriVu Media will optimize your message in the YouTube universe without sacrificing brand security.

Enjoy An Optimized YouTube Buying Experience

  • Determine your own thresholds and pricing parameters
  • Utilize our proprietary pre-bid database for unique actionable exchange insights
  • Scale campaigns on top-performing videos in real-time

Target Just Like TV— but Better

  • Segment videos into “channels” that allow you to target audiences nearly identically to traditional TV
  • Leverage our insights to capitalize on these traditional channel segments in real-time
  • Avoid sluggish TV buying schedules and repeat successful campaigns immediately
  • Leave TV in the rearview with targeting based on demographic, time of day, viewing device, and countless other factors

Capture Audiences With a Tailored User Experience

  • Scan and tag your content before it enters an exchange to ensure relevance for the targeted user
  • Diversify your campaigns with both in-banner and in-player ads
  • Use pre-bid knowledge of adjacent content to better contextualize your ad

Brand Safety

and Transparency

  • See actual videos, pre-bid, to ensure content suitability
  • Take advantage of privileged access to select, respected YouTube publishers
  • Know the scale and reach of targeted videos before you even bid